Learn the entire process to develop your Mind Advantage

After this course, you will understand your brain better than 95% of people, and will know exactly how to sow daily miracles in your life and business by having the best brain health habits.

  • 50% of ventures fail because of founder burnout. This course is the fundamental industry introduction to taking good care of your self and beating the odds.

  • Impact Entrepreneurs devote themselves to building the solutions that are helping the People and the Planet. Founders also need to know how to help themselves.

  • This course creates a simple journey to engage with Cognitive training, integrate Neuroscience, and gives you the tools you need to turn your Mind into your greatest ally.

  • Mental Health is not rocket science. In 3 hours, this 12 Temples of Mind course equips you with everything you need to manage and maintain your best self and your targets with ease.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Getting Started

    3. Miracle Stack & Hacks

    4. Your Optimal Baseline, SOUL Sequence, and Mind Sanctuary

    5. The Mind Sanctuary: Vault

    1. The Social Contract is Null and Void

    2. Myth 2: the 10% Brain Use Myth

    3. Myth 3: Something is wrong with you

    4. Myth 4: Not now

    5. Myth 5: Neuroscience is unrelatable

    6. Myth 6: Spirituality and Science don't mix

    7. Myth 7: Manifestation is woo

    8. Myth 8: Waiting on "other"

    9. You are already a Spiritual Rockstar

    10. There's not such thing as "Done For You" Decision

    1. I. The Magnetic Temple

    2. II. The Subtle Temple

    3. III. The Temple of Vision

    4. IV. The Temple of Heart

    5. V. The Sentí Temple

    6. VI. The Temple of Expansion

    7. VII. The Temple of Nature

    8. VIII. The Invisible Temple

    9. IX. The Temple of the Phoenix

    10. X. The Temple of Truth

    11. XI. The Future Temple

    12. XI. The Exalted Temple

    1. You Decide

    2. Ultra Agility

    3. Demystifying Change and Entrepreneurship

    4. Design your Desire

    5. Archetypes Mini Workshop

    6. Miracle Count

    1. Future Proof

    2. Crystal Clockwork

    3. Thank You

About this course

  • 36 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Flow into your Future, start the Mind Energy Miracle today.

Discover and Master the Sanctuary of your Mind.

After this course, you will have the resources and skills to become the best infinite game player.